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In addition to screening our international escort models for looks, we also screen them for enthusiasm, talent and love for the job. You book a special time with us, and that is why we specialize in special escort girls. Each is different from the next, ranging from the classic, natural type to the more sophisticated courtesan, from the hot girl next door to the glamour escort model.

We represent international escort models throughout the Portugal - girls in Lisbon, Porto and the Algarve - but that's not all. Thanks to our never-ending international ambition, Lisbon Escort (Top Callgirl) has become a true international high-class escort agency. As an international escort agency we not only service our clients across Europe, but we also successfully represent escort models in parts of Germany; these escort models are based in Cologne, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, and Berlin. Additionally, we work with escort models based in London, Geneva, Zurich, Greece and Holland. Always happy but never satisfied, we plan to continue our international growth.

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So you've decided to spend time with an Cascais or Estoril (Lisbon) companion, but now what?

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May be you need friend for whole day… May be you want joke and laugh the whole day… Do You want only invite fashion model for dinner, exhibition, and shopping center? And enjoy jealous opinions of surrounding peoples… May be it is happiness for you? Please look at the photos and select wich one you like.

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Hi. I'm Ellen.

So you've decided to spend time with an companion, but now what?

I (Ellen) value the rights of customers and will treat each situation with utmost discretion and privacy.


My goal is to ensure that your time spent with our Top Call girl escorts is mutually beneficial and safe.


If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact me.


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Have fun, be a gentleman, and be safe!

If you have questions about a girl schedule or general terms, make sure you read this website first. Don't make me repeat every bit of information on it. I has limited time and expects you to be able to read.

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Do you want a romantic relationship? Do you expect to be allowed to hurt her or treat her like a blowup doll? Do you just want to talk dirty on the phone? Are you trying to get caught and make your wife jealous? She will not tolerate any of this behaviour.